Atlantic General Relativity 2022

Atlantic General Relativity 2022 will be hosted by Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador and held online from May 16-19.

It is the latest in the series of Atlantic GR conferences that have been organized annually by the Atlantic Canadian relativity community for the last three decades. These are broadly based meetings covering the full range of gravitational research including mathematical and numerical relativity, all approaches to quantum gravity, gravitational waves, relativistic astrophysics and cosmology. These meetings are open to all. Post-docs and students are particularly encouraged to attend and share their research.

The conference is now over!

Competition results may be found under the
Competition tab.

Links to the mini-course lectures can be found under the
MiniCourses tab.

As has been customary for the last few years, the meeting will be split into two parts:

  • May 16-17: Invited Mini-Courses (each a three-hour series of lectures)

There will be a competition (with monetary prizes) for the best MSc/undergrad, PhD and post-docs talks.

Mini-Course Speakers

There will be three mini-courses. The speakers and their topics are

  • Carla Cederbaum (University of Tübingen) Where is the center of mass of an isolated relativistic object?
  • William East (Perimeter Institute) How to extract energy from a black hole
  • Daniel Pook-Kolb (AEI, Hannover) Introduction to black hole apparent horizons in numerical relativity
For the schedule, abstracts and recordings of the lectures, see the Mini-Courses tab.


Atlantic GR 2022 is committed to diversity and inclusivity. We welcome all participants including women, people of any sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, Indigenous peoples, visible minorities/racialized people, and people with disabilities.

Local Organizing Committee

  • Ivan Booth
  • Hari Kunduri

Scientific Organizing Commitee

  • Ivan Booth (Memorial)
  • Alan Coley (Dalhousie)
  • Valerio Faraoni (Bishop's)
  • Viqar Husain (UNB, Fredericton)
  • Sanjeev Seahra (UNB, Fredericton)
  • Robert van den Hoogen (St FX)
  • Ed Wilson-Ewing (UNB, Fredericton)


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