Atlantic General Relativity 2022

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Thanks to generosity of the Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Science and the Perimeter Institute, there will be prizes for the best Post-doc, PhD and Masters/Undergrad talks.

Judging Criteria

For the student and postdoc prize competition there will be two judges for each talk. These will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1. Motivation: Does the speaker explain why the work is important and how it fits within the broader field?
2. Clarity: Is it clear what are the new results achieved by the work?
3. Knowledge: Does the speaker demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the subject matter?
4. Quality of presentation: Is the talk organized, coherent, and easy to follow?


Based on the number of registrations in each category we will have the following prizes:

1) Post-docs (17 competitors) 1st, 2nd, 3rd + one honourable mention
2) PhD (23 competitors) 1st, 2nd, 3rd + three honourable mentions
3) Masters/Undergrad (6 competitors) 1st, 2nd

The values are (approximately) $300 for 1st, $250 for 2nd, $200 for 3rd and $150 for each honourable mention (Canadian dollars).

Note: Winners will receive their payments via a bank transfer from Memorial University. If Canadian regulations do not allow us to send money to the country in which a winner lives, then that prize will be honorary only.


The competition was very close with many competitors separated by only a single point (out of 100). As a result, we increased the number of honourable mentions (and there may be a slight change in the prize value).

MSc / BSc

1st: Liam Newhook
2nd: Kam To Billy Chan


1st: Jann Zosso
2nd/3rd (Tie): Alejandro Penuela Diaz, Serena Giardino
Honourable Mentions: Jason Joykutty, Mrunal Korwar, Robert Santacruz, Sarah Muth, Turkuler Durgut


1st: Sebastian Völkel
2nd: Jibril Ben Achour
3rd: Robie Hennigar
Honourable Mention: Shalabh Gautam